MARINO WORLD is most preferred for maritime Information. It watches for industry trends; digests maritime news and comes up with objective frameworks. 


Marino World is never coy on any issue; neither cower on its point.

Gumption is Marino World, as it entered the maritime scene.

Bold, as in exposing what should be known and not protecting the shadowy.

Objective, as in highlighting the truth, not in pandering to a bias.

Pro-active, for hacking new viewpoints instead of just garnishing the jaded.


Ship owners, operators and managers; brokers, agents and manning executives.

Maritime staffers, seafarers and families, offshore and onboard.

Educators and trainers; the academe. Tools and teaching aid suppliers.

Government officials; diplomats, union and association officers.

Ship parts and service suppliers; yards and ports operators; yacht owers and leisure providers.

Classification societies, surveyors, naval architects, maritime lawyers and consultants.

Media and public relations practitioners; consultants; event organizers.

Professionals in law, medicine and health care, insurance and financial planning, realtors and property developers.

Top Stories

CJ Gesmundo Encourages OFWs to File Complaints Against Ambulance Chasers
"Creating Currents" in the Energy and Maritime Industry
Ople orders recruitment agencies to stop requiring OFWs to wear PPEs
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